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Physician Consultation

Adult Primary Care located in East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Physician Consultation services offered in East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill in Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

Spending quality time with your doctor ensures you stay as healthy as possible. At offices in the Navy Hill and Williamsburg neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York, the board-certified doctors of Tru Medical Management offer physician consultations for all patient needs. To arrange your consultation, call your nearest Tru Medical Management office and schedule an in-person or telemedicine visit or book an appointment online today.

What is a physician consultation?

A physician consultation is a meeting with your doctor at Tru Medical Management. The practice offers in-person and telemedicine physician appointments and walk-in consultations for urgent health problems.

Physician consultations allow you to spend quality time with your doctor and discuss any issues relating to your health.

Why might I need a physician consultation?

You might want to schedule a physician consultation for many reasons. Common ones include:

  • Annual physicals
  • Cancer and other screening procedures
  • Diabetes monitoring and management
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Medical weight loss
  • Nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Acute health care for conditions like flu
  • Chronic care management for conditions like hypertension
  • Heart health services

These are some of the main purposes for which people arrange a physician consultation. However, the Tru Medical Management doctors are available to see you regarding any issues or concerns about your health.

In some cases, the practice’s other medical staff carry out routine primary care services, such as blood pressure measurements, ultrasound scans, blood draws for lab tests, and immunizations. You can be sure that you’ll always see the person best qualified to deal with your concern whenever you call to make an appointment.

What happens at a physician consultation?

Your doctor tailors every consultation to suit your specific needs, so what happens can vary. However, most physician consultations include a physical exam, medical history review, and symptom check. The more information they have about your problem, the easier it will be to diagnose and treat.

A physical exam begins with a check of your vital signs, such as your blood pressure, heart rate, lung and heart sounds, and temperature. Then your doctor examines the area of concern. For example, if you have abdominal pain, they ask you to lie down so they can carefully press on different parts of your abdomen.

If you have a musculoskeletal problem like back pain, your doctor might ask you to make specific movements to test your range of motion. For upper respiratory infection symptoms, they look down your throat using a bright light.

You might need to undergo tests to confirm or rule out a diagnosis or evaluate your current treatment. Tru Medical Management has an on-site lab for blood and other samples and ultrasound machines for diagnostic imaging. Your doctor will offer advice and arrange follow-up care where necessary before you go.

To book your physician consultation, call Tru Medical Management today or book an appointment online.